Top 5 End-of-Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Top 5 End-of-Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Oct 04, 2016
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Your Guide to Maintaining a Clean and Picturesque Home

It might be hard to kiss summer goodbye, but there are a few things that could do without the sweltering heat and constant humidity. For starters? Your home! Yep, it’s true – while we spent our long, lazy days soaking up the sun and enjoying the weather, our homes were suffering in silence. Fortunately, though, it’s not too late to partake in a little upkeep and home maintenance tricks – just make sure to do it before the fall season officially begins.


1. Seal your deck.

Early fall is the perfect time to clean and seal your deck, when the weather is mild and the temperatures aren’t too high. Most sealers and stains are available by the gallon, costing no more than $30 a piece. What you choose to use is up to you – clear sealer, toner, semi-transparent stain or solid stain – but just know that each comes with a different reapplication technique. Sand the surface, replace nails as needed, and apply the sealer or stain.


2. Clean the window panes.

Repeated exposure to the sun’s heat – combined with muggy and humid weather – is enough of an equation to make even the most pristine windows appear streaky and grimy. As we steadily transition into the fall season, take the time to clean all your window panes, diminishing any damage the warmer weather caused them. Sanitize the frame of the window first, and prep the glass immediately after. To give your window a true streak-free look, spray multipurpose cleaner onto the glass, wiping it clean with a microfiber cloth.


3. Change the air conditioning filters.

It’s a general rule of thumb to change central and window air conditioning filters bi-monthly, but the end of summer is an ideal time to do so – especially when you consider how much it’s been used in the past few months. Not to mention, the humidity will add extra bacteria and mildew. After finding out exactly where your air conditioning filter is, figure out which type of filter you have. Whether it’s a fiberglass, pleated or media filter, the final step is to install it – remember to put the filter cap back on so it can be properly used once again.


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4. Get rid of gutter debris.

Debris can exist in a variety of places, but focusing on your gutter in particular is important before the cooler weather hits. This home maintenance step should be made a priority if you live in an idyllic area with plenty of trees, since leaves, twigs and other natural items are more likely to make their way inside of the gutter, ultimately clogging it up. Use an extendable ladder to reach the debris-filled spots, gathering up any and all mess with a plastic scooper (even a sand toy shovel will do). Make sure to flush the gutters once you’re done, which is another useful way to see if you have any leaks to repair.


5. Prep patio and deck furniture.

Dust, rust and other substances can easily cover outdoor furniture that’s spent 24 hours a day, seven days a week outside during the warm summer months. Once you’ve washed your outdoor seats and tables, check to see if there are any noticeable cracks or paint chips; if there are, spray paint appropriate places with outdoor paint. If you still plan on keeping the furniture outside once the summer and fall is over, use a painter’s tarp to stow it away properly.


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Northern Jersey’s Morris County is beautiful during the summer – and even though the warm weather can take a toll on any house, following these top five tips will ensure that your home is on the right track and perfectly prepared for the cooler seasons ahead. Check out available property in the Morris County area at Coccia Real Estate Group, and keep these home maintenance tips in mind as we head into the fall season. Contact us today for more information.