Great Pictures Bring Higher Sales Prices

Great Pictures Bring Higher Sales Prices

Oct 08, 2010
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Every since we started to place color pictures in newspaper ads I always knew that it was important to take the best picture I could. Now, with the internet allowing you to put 20+ pictures of the exterior and interior of home it is more important than ever!

According to a company called Redfin Corp., a Seattle-area real estate firm, Sales listings taken by higher-end single-lens-reflex cameras (SLR), preferred by professionals, garner higher prices than those properties whose sellers use point-and-shoot cameras.

Redfin analyzed listings in their market area and it was easily determined that houses with better photos sold from $934 to $116,000 more. The study directly compared point and shoot cameras to digital SLR camera’s. SLR cameras with their high quality lenses were a clear winner. The study also showed that properties with better photos (the more the better) got more online clicks.

Only about 25% of the photos in the mls are shot with high quality SLR cameras.

All Coccia Real Estate Group’s photos are taken with Olympus SLR camera with a wide angle lens.