East Hanover Local School Guide

Living in a home situated in a high-quality school district has its share of intangible benefits. Your children will benefit from the presence of skilled teachers, top-notch school materials, and a diverse education that’ll positively impact their future. For you (yes, you, parents!), it also holds several tangible benefits, such as helping to preserve the value of your home. A home in East Hanover means inheriting the neighborhood’s with four tremendous regional schools. Whether you’re interested in watching your toddler grow into a well-educated, college-ready young adult, or in watching your home’s value flourish over time, learn how East Hanover is the place for you to settle down!

East Hanover Elementary Schools

At Frank J. Smith School, students from the pre-K through second grade levels benefit from a community dedicated to fostering positive personal development and a lifelong love of learning. The school features a student-to-faculty ratio of 11.6:1 and encourages parents, teachers, and community members to take an active role in student success. After a wonderful education here, students can proceed to Central Elementary School.

Central School continues the commitment to student development and love of learning that Frank J. Smith School begins. As part of its program, it offers specialty programs to its third- through fifth-graders, which are geared toward honing student skills in areas like math, science, and debate. It also integrates technology in the classroom with tools like wireless laptops and document cameras, further preparing students for the evolving working world. In addition to boasting a student-to-teacher ratio of 11:1, Central School’s staff is devoted to professional development itself, refining its skills through workshops and other career-focused means.

Middle Schools in East Hanover, NJ

East Hanover Middle School is the third of three high-quality schools in the East Hanover Township School District. Supported by a 9.3:1 student-to-teacher ratio, the Middle School builds on the foundation laid by the previous two. Students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades benefit from an environment devoted to their academic and emotional success. Students and teachers are members of three grade-level teams, which work together to develop dynamic learning experiences. Through this team approach and various student support services, the Middle School focuses on the whole child, offering effective strategies to help students who need additional guidance and assistance. Through strong athletic programs and rich extracurricular programs such as Geography and Forensics Teams, the East Hanover Middle School nurtures the complete student, even outside of the classroom.

High School in East Hanover

Home of the Hornets, Hanover Park High School serves students in ninth through twelfth grades in East Hanover and surrounding Florham Park. Recently recognized by Newsweek as one of the top high schools in the nation, Hanover Park boasts a student-to-teacher ratio of 10.6:1, which helps enable its nurturing and secure learning environment. Within this learning environment, students receive a challenging education and thorough preparation for college, professional, and personal success. Whatever their post-secondary plans, graduates of Hanover Park learn how the complete education they gain positions them to contribute meaningfully to their community.

Life in East Hanover

For all the great reasons to settle down in East Hanover, the school system is one that cannot and should not go ignored! A life in East Hanover means a complete education and life-preparation for the individuals most important in your life. It’s also an investment in your home and community. Well-equipped students help to ensure a brighter future for East Hanover. And a home surrounded by respected schools raises the value of your home. Excited yet? Contact Coccia Real Estate Group today for more information about East Hanover schools and what makes the town a great place for you and your kids to live!