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4 Ways to Improve Natural Lighting in Your Home

By Coccia
At Sep 11, 2017


From the aesthetic to the mental benefits, natural light is a highly-desired element to have permeating your home. Natural lighting can improve moods, aid our sleep cycles, reduced eye strain, and promote better decision making. It can also make us more productive, as evidenced in a study discussed in Psychology Today. Unfortunately, many apartments and homes can still benefit from increased light from outside. If this sounds familiar, keep reading to learn Coccia Real Estate’s tips to increase the natural light in a room or throughout your home.

Turn Your Home’s Color Palette from Dark to Light Colors

Beyond creating larger windows in your home, one of the biggest changes that can be made to a room is its color scheme. Light is absorbed by darker colors, and reflected by lighter colors. So, the darker your room, the less light travelling through the space. Of course, this isn’t the best of news for those looking for a more gothic style of home, but we will highlight a few options below for those wanting a dark color theme.

Examine the Window Treatments

Window treatments and curtains add a sense of style and elegance to a room, often serving as one of the fine details that pull everything together. But they’re also the closest obstruction to windows. If you’re using heavy or dark curtains or treatments, light will be significantly harder to filter through than the use of sheer, light materials. Sheer curtains can still provide the same great style of your previous set, while window blinds or shutters are excellent options for providing flexibility.

Utilize Glass Throughout the Home

Any time you incorporate a door into a room, you’re cutting off another source of light. So, where possible, remove doors and incorporate glass. If there is a potential issue of privacy, instead incorporate another element of design into your home with glass that has etched designs. They’ll still allow light to travel from one room to the other, while also adding an aesthetic element. Glass tables and end tables will also aid in the amount of light a room is exposed to.

Reflect Natural Lighting Throughout the Room

Before the days of electricity, your lighting needs were either from flame, windows, or skylight. Since we’re looking for natural light that won’t potentially burn the house down or cost thousands of dollars to remodel the house, here’s the next best option: mirrors and reflective metals. Any object with high reflectivity is going to brighten up a room, no matter the color scheme. This includes clear acrylic furniture, brass fixtures, and gold or silver knobs and picture frames. Here are some tips specifically for taking advantage of reflective services:

  • No matter the style, a large wall mirror is a perfect touch near the entryway.
  • Choose thicker glass options for better appearance and durability.
  • In dark rooms, add a large mirror at the end of the hallway to create the illusion of a longer hallway.
  • Mirrors of the same size can be placed across the room from each other, increasing both light and depth.
  • Use wood-framed mirrors of appropriate style to match the color scheme of the rest of the room. In darker colored rooms, dark woods are particularly effective.

Get Help Staging Your Home for a Sale in NJ

At Coccia Real Estate Group, every day we help sell homes in East Hanover, Hanover Township, Florham Park, Parsippany, and throughout northern New Jersey. If you are in need of an agent who can help expertly stage and sell your home, contact us today at (973) 887-2500.

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Common Damage to Homes in NJ

By Coccia
At Aug 15, 2017


What You Can Expect to Repair When Owning a Home in New Jersey

There is truly no place like home. As your place to feel safe, relaxed, and escape from the world, it is important to keep your space safe and updated! Any house is going to need repairs at one point or another. Taking care of these problems as soon as they arise will prevent them from getting worse. At Coccia Real Estate Group, we know exactly what you should be looking for to keep your property in pristine condition. Here some of the most common and hazardous issues found during home inspections.

Most Common Issues

·      Doing Nothing

When you leave repairs unattended too long you’ll wind up digging yourself into a high cost situation. One way or another the problems in your home need to be fixed, and if you don’t pay for basic upkeep, you’re going to face problems later when trying to sell your home or passing it to the next generation. This can really be a nightmare so try to stay on top of things!

·      Defective Wiring

Older homes may have electrical systems that are out of date and the materials made to keep them in check may not exist anymore. As a result, a new electrical system should be put in place as soon as possible to avoid short-circuiting in the system. Not doing so can lead to fires when doing simple and daily routines such as using the toaster. The last thing you want is to have children in the home when appliances could blow a fuse.

·      Faulty Ventilation and Insulation

If you have bad ventilation and insulation, especially in an unused part of the house (like the attic), then you are going to rack up a pricey utility bill. You don’t want that AC and heating seeping through cracks in your home when it is an easy fix.

·      Plumbing Leakage

This problem occurs when you have a problematic piping system where the water pressure is thrown off and starts leaking throughout the home. You should also check your walls and ceiling for any dampness or dripping because this can be a result of choked drainage (clogged drain from some piece of paraphernalia getting stuck in the pipes). Plumbing repairs might be a simple fix or you may have to replace the whole system.

Further Water Problems

Water is probably the leading problem in damaged homes. Water damage is costly and can lead to further health hazards such as mold. These are a couple parts of the house that water damage can significantly affect:

·      The Roof

It is easy to forget about the external workings of house since it is not something we look at every day, such as the inside of the home. But over the years water can damage can wear down the materials used to keep the inner sanctions liquid free. If roofing isn’t installed properly to begin with then it could lead to the early deconstruction of the roofing base. Good material like asphalt should last at least 15 to 40 years without a problem. If you are experiencing issues before then, the installation probably needs to be removed and replaced.


·      The Slope Of Your Yard

If the property your house sits on has improper draining, then it could lead to cracking in the foundation of the home and possible movement of the entire structure. A way you can tell if the house has settled – or has been subtly moved – is if you have trouble opening and closing windows or doors. If the drainage around the house doesn’t get fixed it could lead to these issues being a constant problem.

Rely On The Experts in NJ Real Estate

There is a lot that goes into buying and selling home so it is best to go with a company that has all the tools you need to make the right decisions. Through our many success stories our customers have said that we are “the reason they bought their dream home” and that we’ve “gone above and beyond to help them purchase their home” so let us do the same for you. Contact us today with any further questions you have about real estate in New Jersey.

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