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5 Things To Ready Your Home For The Market

By Coccia
At Jan 19, 2018

In this video, Christine Nagy discusses five things that a homeowner can do to ready their home for the market. Christine Nagy is a real estate agent in New Jersey and has consistently been a recipient of the NJAR Circle of Excellence Sales Award for the past seven years.

“Hi my name’s Christine Nagy and I work for Coccia Real Estate in East Hanover. I’m going to let you know today five things that you should do to get your home ready to put on the market.

The first thing that is really important is to make sure you have a good curb appeal for your home. Buyers are judging your home from the minute that they come through the door. So we want to make sure everything is nice and manicured outside. There’s no chipping or any signs of distress on the house and they get a better first impression because you can never get a second chance to make that first impression. And buyers know when they walk through the door if they like the house or not already.

The second thing is get a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Your home will immediately have a nice face lift and it will look clean and neat and more modern.

The third thing is depersonalized. Buyers are trying to envision themselves living in the house. So take down the family portraits and personal items so they can see themselves living there.

So the fourth thing is to light up your home during showings. Open the shades. Maximize the light. It will give you a warm, inviting feel. And the fifth and the most important item is price your home correctly. Buyers are very savvy they know a lot what they know what sold you know price. It’s really important to choose a local realtor that can help you price it correctly.

Call me, I love to help you. I’m with buyers and sellers all day long. If you want to list your house, I promise I’ll do the best job for you and I’ll get you the most money for your home. My name is Christie Nagin. My phone number is 973-615-9878 and I’d love to help you. Thank you.”

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How Do I Choose a Realtor Near Me?

By Coccia
At Oct 13, 2017

couple looking at house with a realtor

There are a handful of situations in life that can compare to buying a home, at least when it comes to the combined joy, stress, effort, and rewards. Senior year final exams, your wedding, and the birth of a child are a few that immediately come to mind. Considering how important your home is to your quality of life, equip yourself with the knowledge and the tools that will lead to a commitment without any regrets. The list of tools and knowledge begins and ends with choosing the right Realtor.


So, before you go and search for a “Realtor Near Me,” read Coccia Real Estate’s Tips on how to choose a realtor near you.


Get Referrals for an Agent or References from the Agent Near You

Buying and selling a home is a big decision! Don’t make it without the right background information. More than ever, people trust word of mouth for informing their decisions. If you’re getting a good feeling about an agent, ask for some references to confirm the choice. If your agent won’t give references, that’s a red flag straightaway.


Think Locally

Working with someone local aligns well with an experienced broker. Just like a tour guide who’s from the area, a real estate agent that’s part of the community is going to paint a better picture of what living in a new area is like. But unlike an experienced broker who is from outside the area, someone local can key you in on whether a location has any unappealing quirks or if there’s something fun that happens on a regular basis. So, for any agent you’re working with, find out how long they’ve worked in the area!


Experience Makes a Difference

While working with someone who is still learning can be a fun and rewarding experience, more often than not you’ll be better off working with someone who has several years of experience under their belt. Realtors such as those at Coccia Real Estate are well-versed with every procedure in Morris County, every idiosyncrasy that faces New Jersey homes, and every nuance that goes with the real estate market. By working with someone with experience, you can potentially save yourselves time and money, plus end up with a home better than you expected.


Use the Right Realtor and Know Your Options

Did you know that not all real estate agents and realtors are the same? Realtors, for instance, are members of the National Association of Realtors and adhere to an ethics code that often transcends state law. But that’s not the only difference you’ll find when buying or selling a home.Realtors are normally working for the seller first on a legal level. Since they are making a commission from the purchase, they are incentivized to sell a house quickly and for the highest price. This doesn’t mean that realtors are a bad choice, but it is the reality.


Buyer’s Brokers Near Me

If you are looking for someone who specifically works for buyers, consider a buyer’s broker. Since they have little to nothing to do with the seller, the only interests they have in a situation are the buyer’s. These agents are bound to keep anything you say confidential and less likely to gloss over any issues found with the home. Sounds great, right? Buyer’s brokers are growing in popularity, but one caveat exists – as the buyer, you need to pay a commission or hourly fee to the broker. Can they get you a better deal? That’s the hope! But the crux of the situation will be whether the deal they get you ends up being less when you add on the broker fee.


Dual Agents and Split Brokers

Then there are dual agents and split brokers who may work as both a traditional and buyer agent. Since they are working out of a traditional office, dual agents can have access to both the buyer and the seller. This works out well for putting buyers and sellers together on the right deal, however dual agents will not be able to negotiate for the buyer and cannot recommend a purchase price. Split agents, on the other hand, will need to pick one side or another once hired – they cannot work for both the buyer and the seller and are therefore bound to the same levels of confidence.



Lastly, a rising option for modern industrious individuals are e-brokers, such E-Broker Pro and Coccia owner Chris Coccia. E-broker services are more affordable for both buyers and sellers. The flipside of this is that you’ll be expected to do more work, such as check MLS listings, provide more marketing materials or find the houses you want to look at.


First Time Buyers, House Flippers, and Estate Sales, Oh My!

With the variety of realtors and agents available to you, there’s one more thing that you’ll need to find out, and that’s the types of buyers and sellers an agent commonly works with. Just like doctors, musicians, artists, and lawyers, real estate agents often have a specialty that they focus on. Find out what that is, and choose someone who aligns with your needs.


Find out How the Realtor Communicates

Agents, just like people, have different methods for communicating in today’s world. What are yours? Do you like to text, or perhaps an e-mail? Or are you a meeting-in-person type? While this doesn’t affect how your listing will perform or the houses you’ll check out, aligning yourself with someone who communicates how you want will make a surprising difference in the pleasantness of your real estate journey.


Don’t Interview Only One Realtor

Even if you love the first agent that you meet with, don’t be afraid to meet with another. The more discussions that you have from different voices, the better informed you’ll be. You’ll also avoid any struggles of wondering if the grass is greener when dealing with the real estate rollercoaster.


Don’t Fall for Someone Promising the Moon

Assuming you’ve talked to multiple agents and done some research on the market, an informed individual should have a pretty good idea what they’re getting into when it comes to the price of a home.  If someone is saying you’ll get significantly more than you expect, they’re trying to buy your listing; don’t fall for the honey pot, and work with someone who has your interests at heart.


Work with Someone You’re Comfortable With

This may sound like common sense, but finding someone you can trust and communicate with is crucial. For starters, you’ll be better able to convey what it is you’re looking for as a buyer and what you need to do to maximize your sale as a seller. Trust in real estate is a key to making any transaction a happy one. Find out how many clients they have and whether they’ll have time for you.


Find the Right Realtor Near You at Coccia Real Estate in NJ

Coccia Real Estate in East Hanover, NJ has always had a core mission to make sure that both buyer and seller are happy. That’s why our real estate agents are always informed, always ethical, and always honest.

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Improving Your Home’s Worth in 2017

By Coccia
At Jun 13, 2017


Are you in the market to sell a home in Morris County, New Jersey? Whether it’s here or any other part of the country, we all want to maximize our home’s return. With that in mind, here are Coccia Real Estate Group’s tips to easily improve your home’s worth in 2017.

Create More Open Living Spaces

While it may have been nice to have several rooms in your home, people highly value and are gravitating toward homes that have open, spacious areas. Identify a non-structural wall or even the kitchen island for removal. This newfound open flow will captivate those who can afford to decorate their own space. This open space can often be had for a few hundred dollars and improve your home’s appeal in today’s market.


One note. Before removing any items that serve as storage space, such as that kitchen island, make sure that there is viable storage throughout the rest of the room.


Hire a Professional Designer or Contractor for a Consultation

Are you handy enough to do a remodel yourself, but don’t know where to start? Save yourself time and money in the long run by getting advice from those who know it best. Contractors and designers will charge a nominal fee for their services, but they ultimately know the market and know the tricks to finish a project efficiently. The result will be a maximum return on the investment you make in remodeling your home.


Clean Up Your Landscaping and Install Low-Maintenance Plant Life

The yard and outside of the home are the first two things that any buyer is going to see. A clean but verdant look for your home will literally inject life into its appearance and figuratively into your sale price.

Shrubs and colorful plants are always a good choice, but look toward “greener” options that are native to your area. Those will be far more likely to live through the seasons and will require minimal maintenance. If you live in an area prone to drought, also consider plants that need less water. Reduced maintenance outside the home continues to be an appeal to the current homebuyer.


Address the Little Maintenance Needs in Your Home

While it may be the most time-consuming and tedious of tasks, go through every room in your home with a fine-tooth comb and make note of each little flaw. A couple of flaws in one or two rooms may not seem like much, but when those flaws crop up in every room, it begins to create a major eyesore. The devil is in the details and nothing gives an air of quality to a home than when everything looks just right.


Fix the Bathrooms

While more expensive than the previous suggestions, having updated bathrooms is cost effective and an extremely attractive update that will get noticed. Replace dated wallpaper and old fixtures, install new, green light fixtures and anything else you can afford. Preferably, bite the bullet and take the time to update old plumbing or re-tile the floor. Even if you take the time to update just some of these items to your bathrooms, the return on your investment will make it worthwhile.


Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

You may have gotten used to the way your home smells, but that doesn’t mean the next people will like it. If you have older carpets or ventilation in your home, there’s a chance that they harbor allergens or dangerous contaminants.

To determine whether these need to be replaced or cleaned, it’s worth it to hire a professional company to test the air quality in your home. If everything checks out, you have another feather in your cap to sell your home as a quality living space. If a test shows the air quality needs to improve, choose to replace old carpets with environmentally friendly products, such as laminate flooring or tile. These are already more popular with today’s buyers.

 Sell Your NJ Home More Easily with Coccia Real Estate Group

With decades of experience selling homes in East Hanover, Hanover, Parsippany, Florham Park and the rest of Morris County, the agents at Coccia Real Estate know what people are looking for in New Jersey. Find the right agent for you and contact us today!

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20 Easy, Inexpensive Tips for Home Sellers

By Coccia
At Sep 21, 2012

If you are currently selling your home or maybe considering placing it for sale you may want to think about these fast and easy sales tips. Today’s buyer is exposed to the current inventory of homes more now than ever before. The average buyer searches for a home for over 18 months by using the internet to see pictures, videos and neighborhood information. They appreciate modern looks and expect a home to be neat, clean and well maintained.

Here is a list of 20 things you can do to your home to make it more appealing to buyers and increase the sales price.

1. Clean up & de-clutter. Your home will show better and look larger if it is clean and not over flowing with stuff. Use the “less is more” approach with furniture and make the kitchen and baths sparkle. Pay special attention to mirrors, countertops and shower doors.

2. Front door and walkway. It’s true that you can never take back a first impression. Consider painting or replacing your front door. Be sure the front walkway and/or steps are in good condition and not a hazard.

3. Make the home look larger with light. When preparing for a showing of your home open those blinds and curtains. Be sure that the lights are turned on prior to the buyers arriving and choose warm, cool colors rather than fluorescents.

4. Add some color. Feel free to use plants or flowers throughout the home to add color and warmth to a space. Paint an accent wall to make a room look more dramatic or interesting. Today’s hot colors will make your home look more modern.

5. Be aware of odors. Be conscious of musty smells or pet odors and replace them with “fresh baked” smells and candles. Use a dehumidifier to help out with a humid basement. Open windows for fresh air prior to showings.

6. Take a good objective look around. Most buyers today will perform a home inspection prior to purchasing their new home. Take a good look around and fix anything obvious prior to placing it on the market. Buyers will appreciate it and your home will be viewed in the best light possible. Better a buyer sees the work is done and feel they are getting a great home especially when the work may be required to complete the sale anyway.

7. Get rid of dated wall paper and out of style ceilings. Remove wall paper prints that date your home or are no longer in style. Get rid of old “popcorn” ceilings.

8. Flooring. Consider having old carpets cleaned if not replaced and a fresh sanding of weathered hardwood floors is better than a face lift for removing years of age. This is one of the first place investors spend money to make homes more saleable.

9. Clean that garage. A clean garage is a huge selling point. Everyone looks for this space as a place for storage and convenience. Buyers appreciate clean floors and organized spaces.

10. Be conscious of electric. Make sure you have an adequate number of outlets and enough power coming in the home to power today’s modern conveniences. Bathrooms require outlets for hairdryers and razors and kitchens have “high end” appliances that use 3 times the amount of power from just 10 years ago.

11. Door Knobs. Be aware of broken or tarnished door knobs. Consider replacing them with newer more modern finishes to make your home appear less dated.

12. Landscaping. Curb appeal is one of the most important features of home. I recommend the removal of over grown and uncared for bushes, plants and trees. A clean slate to paint a picture for a buyer is easier than trying to get someone to look past a mess. New landscaping with seasonal color and fresh mulch can increase value by as much as 10%.

13. Exterior maintenance. Clean those gutters, paint that trim and make sure garage doors open and close easily. If your home’s paint is peeling or exterior is stained it is very inexpensive to paint or power wash to remove unsightly stains.

14. Clear counters. Yes, you are still living in the home but try and remove clutter from counter tops in the kitchen and throughout the home to make it look as show room ready as possible. This sort of appearance will make a buyer choose your home over others that are similar.

15. Set the scene. Stage an interesting space or room to bring out an intriguing feature or use. Try a rug, chair and lamp to feature an interesting reading space.

16. Monitor closets. Take a look at closets and clean them out so they look more spacious and organized. Consider the use of cubbies or baskets for a neat and clean look.

17. Audit your energy use. Be conscious of power usage within the home and replace energy “suckers” that buyers will appreciate. Try replacing your old thermostats with a programmable one, replace old lights with led or compact fluorescents.

18. Replace filters. Replace filters for water purifiers or furnaces. Buyers will see that your maintaining your home while also keeping these items running as efficient as possible.

19. Toss the Magazines. Throw out all those old magazines that you haven’t got around to reading yet. If you haven’t read them buy now you’re probably not going to!

20. Replace any broken or worn out furniture. Consider replacing or just removing old, torn couches or leather chairs that make a house appear un kept. A table cloth or covers for couches are great tricks to make old furniture appear new.

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Chris Coccia Participates in Global Real Estate Conference

By Coccia
At Apr 04, 2012

Contact: Christopher Coccia / Coccia Real Estate Group / 973-887-2500 / Info@CocciaRealEstate.com

Chris Coccia Participates in Global Real Estate Conference

East Hanover, NJ April 4, 2012 — Christopher Coccia, Broker of Coccia Real Estate Group, LLC attended the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® 2012 Annual Conference March 24-26 at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek in Orlando, FL. The event was part of LeadingRE’s Conference Week, which attracted nearly 1,000 top real estate brokers, managers, relocation professionals, sponsors and guests attending from the U.S. and over a dozen countries around the world. Participating brokerages represented a significant share of the U.S. real estate market, with annual sales production of over $225 billion.

Keynote presenters included widely-recognized scientific figure Dr. Michio Kaku with a perspective on “How Technology Will Revolutionize the Next 20 Years and Beyond,” and award-winning journalist, television legal analyst and trial attorney Lisa Bloom on “Understanding Today’s Consumers and the Culture Surrounding Them.” Also featured were Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) President/CEO and former FHA Commissioner David Stevens, who commented on the unprecedented challenges the mortgage industry will face in 2012, and social media expert Spike Jones, who offered guidance on “Engaging Your Associates with the Latest in Social Business.”

Experts from top real estate brokerages were also in the line-up, addressing timely topics impacting the real estate market. The Awards Gala, which recognized top performing members in various areas of brokerage achievement, was another conference highlight.

“The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World annual conference is the most important event I attend. Not only is it an excellent networking opportunity to meet other Real Estate professionals from around the globe but a terrific place to learn and share ideas. This conference makes my company better and better year after year!” Coccia said.

“The conference brought together some of the top names in real estate to explore the ever-changing landscape and the best ways to serve those buying and selling homes,” notes Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® President/CEO Pam O’Connor. “It was gratifying to hear so many of our members anticipate positive trends in the market, and the ideas exchanged will ensure that our brokerages retain their positions as market leaders.”

Coccia Real Estate Group, LLC is the local representative of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, the largest network of 550 premier locally-branded firms producing $225 billion in annual home sales. Coccia Real Estate Group, LLC was selected for membership in LeadingRE, which recruits only the best among locally and regionally branded firms. As a member of this global network, Coccia Real Estate Group, LLC can assist home buyers and sellers worldwide and can access LeadingRE’s full range of brokerage services, including lead generation, branding support, luxury marketing, web exposure, technology systems, and state of the art learning and credentialing.

For more information on Coccia Real Estate Group, LLC, visit CocciaRealEstate.com or call 973-887-2500 or for our Hanover Twp office 973-599-9500.

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AlCatel-Lucent property sold!

By Coccia
At Oct 20, 2011

HANOVER — Bayer Healthcare LLC will be moving into the long vacant Alcatel-Lucent property on Whippany Road, bringing 2,000 employees and plans to refurbish a main building on the site while adding additional structures and employees in the future, township officials announced today.

“We’ve worked real hard and are blessed to have a major international pharmaceutical company coming into our township,” said Mayor John T. Sheridan. “It will not only boost the Hanover Township economy but it will be a boost to the whole region.’’

Bayer had announced in April that it would combine its East Coast business in New Jersey and that the consolidated headquarters would be in Morris County. Bayer’s New Jersey operations currently are in Morris Township, Montville and Wayne.

The 194-acre Alcatel-Lucent property sold for $18.5 million in December to private equity firm Rubenstein Partners and Mountain Lakes-based real estate development firm Vision Equities. Vision has executed a number of developments in Hanover, including Cadbury on Route 10, and plans to build a shopping center development with apartments called Whippany Village at Route 10 and Troy Hills Road.

The Alcatel-Lucent property is comprised of two adjacent lots. The main lot at 67 Whippany Road has 15 buildings, including offices and research labs, totaling 1,354,751 square feet of space, according to information provided earlier this year by Rubenstein Partners. The 140-acre lot sold for $12.5 million. The other lot at 85 Whippany Road has about 50 acres of open space. It sold for $6 million.

The site had an assessed value of more than $97 million before Alcatel-Lucent began closing operations there in 2008. After Alcatel-Lucent closed operations on the site, its assessed value dropped dramatically. A recent tax appeal settlement between Alcatel-Lucent and the town brought the assessment to $42,737,300.

The tax bill is around $2 million a year, but that amount has dropped by hundreds of thousands of dollars along with the assessed value.

“We haven’t calculated the tax impact yet but certainly they will be our No. 1 tax revenue generator followed by the Morristown Airport, which will be No. 2,’’ Sheridan said.

Bayer plans to use 90 to 95 acres of the land at the site, according to Towsnhip Administrator Joseph A. Giorgio, who said the site is currently vacate save for some demolition work that is ongoing.

As many as 5,000 people worked on the site during its busiest time, which was when Bell Labs operated there during the Cold War. The Bell Lab operation was considered so valuable to national security that Nike missile bases were located nearby in East Hanover to safeguard it.

Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno had announced during a speech before the Morris County Chamber of Commerce that Bayer was looking to locate in Morris County. Sheridan said that Hanover had competed with two other towns to get Bayer. One of those towns as Mount Olive, which has the the mostly vacant massive former BASF complex within its boundaries.

Sheridan credited Gov. Chris Christie and Guadagno for helping get Bayer into Hanover but also said a lot of credit goes to the volunteer members of the township’s Economic Development Advisory Committee, who had been working to attract a tenant to the site. Township officials and volunteers have been working for about 20 months on the deal, Sheridan said.

Sheridan did not have the details of the sale price or other aspects of the contract between the developer and Bayer.

“Once they get site plan approval, they will begin work immediately,” Sheridan said. “I think this process will be expedited through the planning board and we should see all their approvals by November of this year.”

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Coccia Real Estate Group names Ariane Leigh Bolitski

By Coccia
At May 06, 2011


Christopher Coccia is proud to name Ariane Leigh Bolitski relocation director for Coccia Real Estate Group, LLC.  “Ariane is a dynamic individual with excellent communication skills. I am thrilled to have someone with her dedication and care for the client” said Christopher Coccia.


Ariane’s Bio


With more than a decade of sales and management experience, Ariane Leigh Bolitski is currently the Relocation Director for Coccia Real Estate Group of East Hanover New Jersey.  Ariane is responsible for helping Coccia Real Estate clients, who are moving out of the Northern New Jersey area, into the hands of an expert localized real estate agent of their desired relocation.


Coccia Real Estate is affiliated with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™ which has 600 brokers with 5000 offices and 150,000 sales associates in over 30 countries.  By having the ability to refer clients through Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™, Ariane knows her agents clients will receive expert real estate assistance whether they are moving across town, across the country, or across the world.

Ariane is a RELO Certified Coordinator, and has obtained a CRP designation, Certified Relocation Professional designation. Prior to Coccia Real Estate Group, she spent 3 years directly working with a custom home builder on the marketing and advertising of his business, where she learned about the delicate nature of helping clients find not just a place to live, but to help someone find a comfortable place to call home.

Why choose Ariane and Coccia Real Estate to help you with your relocation? After having two major cross country relocations herself, Ariane can put her insider knowledge to work for you and make you feel comfortable in finding the proper agent to help you with something as personal as finding a home. She prides herself on really listening to her your needs, and will work tirelessly on their behalf to assist you in finding that perfect agent who can help you find the home you are searching for; and she will remain available to assist you with any needs they may have along the way.


For additional information or assistance, please contact Ariane Leigh Bolitski at telephone: 973-887-2500, direct: 972-679-5619, or email her at: Ariane@CocciaRealEstate.com . She will be glad to assist you in your real estate needs anywhere in the world, and to ensure your experience is as positive as possible. Any questions you have about relocation and finding the proper real estate agent, Ariane Leigh Bolitski is the person to ask.

“Relocating? I can help!”

Ariane Leigh Bolitski

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Great Pictures Bring Higher Sales Prices

By Coccia
At Oct 08, 2010

Every since we started to place color pictures in newspaper ads I always knew that it was important to take the best picture I could. Now, with the internet allowing you to put 20+ pictures of the exterior and interior of home it is more important than ever!

According to a company called Redfin Corp., a Seattle-area real estate firm, Sales listings taken by higher-end single-lens-reflex cameras (SLR), preferred by professionals, garner higher prices than those properties whose sellers use point-and-shoot cameras.

Redfin analyzed listings in their market area and it was easily determined that houses with better photos sold from $934 to $116,000 more. The study directly compared point and shoot cameras to digital SLR camera’s. SLR cameras with their high quality lenses were a clear winner. The study also showed that properties with better photos (the more the better) got more online clicks.

Only about 25% of the photos in the mls are shot with high quality SLR cameras.

All Coccia Real Estate Group’s photos are taken with Olympus SLR camera with a wide angle lens.

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